Thursday, June 20, 2013

Review: Beauty

Title: Beauty
Author: Nancy Ohlin
Pages: 208
Publisher: Simon Pulse


   I am usually not so critical of books but I just really did not like this book. There was just many things wrong with it. The synopsis originally sounded really intriguing to me but it did not turn out to be what I hoped it would be. 

   The book follows the story of Ana the daughter of very beautiful Queen Veda. Queen Veda's goal in life is to be the most beautiful person of all time. So when she sees how beautiful her daughter is becoming she shuns her. All that Ana wants though is to have her mother love her. In result she tries to make herself as ugly as possible. But still her mother worries that Ana will become more beautiful then her so the Queen sends her away to a special academy. But at the academy the girls are as obsessed with being beautiful as Ana's mother and maybe even more. 

   The thing that was the biggest issue for my was the way the author wrote the story. It was written in a very exaggerated and over the top voice. Sometimes it also sounded somewhat childish to me too.  The tone of the book in general just turned me off. She also wrote the story in a very dark way sometime,s which I wouldn't originally object to but sometimes it just came out as being really strange. 

   There was also not much character development in the book. I also couldn't stand the main character Ana. She was so whiny at times and came across desperate and annoying. I could not connect to her at all and that made the book hard to read. Not one of the characters in this book actually stood out to me in a good way. They were either annoying, strange, or just boring.

   Overall this book just did not do anything for me. It was dark, annoying, and strange. I think this book could of had potential with the interesting synopsis but the author just did not execute it the right way.
1 Star *

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