Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Top Ten Things That Make Our Life As Bloggers Easier/Better

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish , where we make lists of 10 based off a weekly prompt.
This weeks prompt is:
Top Ten Things That Make Our Life As Bloggers Easier
10. Google Docs
I always use Google Docs when I am making forms and it honestly makes everything so much easier. It is simple and collects all your information for you.
9. Rafflecopter
Rafflecopter makes planning and running giveaways simple and easy. It is not hard to make and takes a lot of stress out of it. I also do not mind using it to enter a giveaway.
8. A Calendar
My Calendar can come in handy when running my blogs. I usually plan out my posts every week to help me stay on track.
7. Twitter and other Social Media
I use Twitter to connect with fellow bloggers and to promote my blog. It is probably my favorite social media tool to use to do these two tasks. It is easy and fun and lots of bloggers have an account so it is a great way to stay connected.
6. Library
I LOVE the library. I go to the library all the time. I mean it is free books, who wouldn't love that?! I love talking to all the librarians about my new books and sharing my recommendations with everyone too.
5. Edelweiss/NetGalley
These two websites make it much easier for us bloggers to get ARCs. I also love just going through all the new catalogs to find books I want to review.
4.Epic Reads
Epic Reads is a great book communities where you can do all sorts of fun types of things that I love. I also love watching Tea Time with Epic Reads because it introduces me to a lot of new books.
Goodreads is absolutely amazing. I find a lot of my books on there, I put my reviews on there too, and I track all of my reading progress on there. It is a necessary thing for any blogger to have.
2. Blogger Friends
I think having friends who are also bloggers is a great thing to have. You can always get help from them if you have questions or tasks to do on your blog and it is just great to have fellow book lovers to talk too!
I love my followers. You guys are the best! I started blogging so I could share my love  of books with the rest of the world and whenever I get comments on my posts from my lovely bloggers it just reminds me of why I started blogging. Thank you for supporting me!


  1. that's a nice list and It's nice to see so many of the lists include fellow bloggers. I think it is such a nice community to belong to. Have a nice day. Kelley at the road goes ever ever on

  2. I forgot rafflecopter! Definitely makes giveaways so much easier. I agree about Goodreads and Twitter but unfortunately the library isn't much use to me, as you can read in my post.