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Up-and-Coming Young Adult Author Panel Recap and Giveaway

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Leah Cypess, A.C. Gaughen. Tiffany Schmidt, Victoria Schwab, Courtney C, Stevens

Displaying IMG_20140324_192131_620.jpgDisplaying IMG_20140324_191829_918.jpgThis Monday I was fortunate enough to attend an Up and Coming Young Adult Author Panel at the Brookline Booksmith.The five phenomenal authors they had come in were Victoria Schwab (The Archived, Courtney C. Stevens (Faking Normal), Tiffany Schmidt (Bright Before Sunrise), Leah Cypess (Death Sworn), and A.C. Gaughen (Scarlet). Victoria Schwab had become one of my favorite authors last year when I fell in love with her Archived Series and Courtney C. Stevens made her way onto my radar this past month when I read her debut novel Faking Normal and found it a beautiful and thought provoking read. I was so excited to meet them and I loved talking to the other authors so much too that I have decided to go try their books as well! 
Displaying IMG_20140324_191628_435.jpgThey started off the night letting people in the crowd shout out random numbers and the authors would flip to that page number and read an excerpt from their book to go the audience intrigued. I discovered something about authors during this time. They all have great reading voices. I loved hearing my favorite authors read sections from their books and also was very interested in getting a taste of what the other books were like. The authors then moved in to giving us an overview of their books and told us a little bit about themselves. When the authors were done giving their short blurbs a moderator took over guiding a couple discussions and then allowed the audience to raise their hands and ask questions. 
Displaying IMG_20140324_192034_594.jpgThe questions raised from such things as where do you get your ideas to who is your favorite superhero? My favorite question asked, which I had not heard before, was, which is more important the first or last line of book? The authors had serious debate about this. Some felt it was the first line because that is what people are going to be looking at in a bookstore if they are trying to decided whether or not to but the book. Others thought that it was the last line because that is the last thing a person remembers from the book. They said that a book could be a great read but have a bad ending and most people will immediately remember the bad ending over the quality of the whole book. I was stumped myself as I agreed with both statements. 
Displaying IMG_20140324_191959_942.jpgAfter the discussions were over it was time for book signings! I always get nervous when meeting authors because to me they are celebrity's but everytime I discover the same thing. Authors are just regular people! I go up there and I will have a conversation with them as if they were my best friend and it is awesome. I got to meet one on one with Victoria Schwab and Courtney C. Stevens when they signed my books and they were everything I hoped they would be and more! They were even so nice and gave me some extra signed book swag so I could host a giveaway for all of you guys (enter giveaway at the bottom of this post)!
Displaying IMG_20140324_220515_684.jpgDisplaying IMG_20140324_220634_160.jpgThe night was so much fun and insightful! It was definitely a success!
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Signed Books and Book Swag!

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