Friday, April 18, 2014

Review: The Promise of Amazing

The Promise of Amazing
Title: The Promise of Amazing
Author: Robin Constantine
Pages: 371
Publisher: Balzer + Bray
Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

The Promise of Amazing follows the story of Wren and Grayson. Wren is ranked in the middle of her class and has spent her high school years as the quiet good girl but she is ready to change that. Grayson was the star of his private school until he was caught in the middle of a term paper selling job and was expelled. One night when Wren is working a wedding at her family's venue that Grayson is attending, he starts choking and Wren steps into save his life. Grayson is determined to get to know the girl who saved his life and along the way they might just fall in love.
There is one thing that always irritates me in the publishing industry and that is when a book comes out with a synopsis and then the book turns out to be something else. The book is about Wren and Grayson falling in love and how they help each other see the best in themselves but I almost felt like that was just a side story in the book. A big chunk of the book follows Grayson and his old friends from his private school who were all in on this scheme to make money to send them on this big trip after graduation. To make the money they stole from houses. They would actually find girls who had rich houses and get the girls to take them to their houses. They would flirt with the girls till they found out when they would not be home and then go back during that time and steal expensive belongings from the houses. Graysons ex-best friend does not want him to walk away from the plan. When he finds out that Grayson no longer wants anything to do with it he threatens to take Wren away from Grayson. Most of the book followed this story and this was never mentioned in the synopsis. I thought this would be a light fun read but it was not that.
Putting that aside it was not a bad book. It had its dull spots but it was interesting. If the synopsis had said something about the stealing scheme I would have been more on board with the book. There is nothing specifically bad I can say about this book it was just one of those books that just does not stand out. I liked reading it but it is one I probably will not think to mention in the coming years because it just had no lasting effect on me. I did like how it was told in alternating points of view though. It allowed me to see both sides of the story even though I lot of the plot evolved around Grayson.
Overall The Promise of Amazing it is an interesting read about teens who are trying to find their way out of their mistakes with an interesting twist and a hint of romance. I will not say this is a book you need to go out and buy because it is not a must read but if you are looking for a new contemporary novel to try out to pass the time give this one a shot.

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