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Review: The Mephisto Kiss

 The Mephisto Kiss (The Mephisto Covenant, #2)

"Oh that. You're not confused. Your Falling in love. And it sucks almost as much as it is amazing."

Title: The Mephisto Kiss
Author: Trinity Faegan
Series: Book 2 of The Mephisto Kiss
Pages: 448
Publisher: Egmont
Publication Date: September 25th 2012
Synopsis (from Goodreads): The eyes never lie. No one’s eyes are darker than Eryx. Not even the Devil’s.

When Jax and Sasha first see Jordan Ellis, they know she is no ordinary teenager. She’s the daughter of the President after all, but she’s also Anabo – a descendant of Eve.

What they don’t know is that Eryx plans to kidnap Jordan and force President Ellis to pledge his soul. If Eryx’s plot succeeds, the consequences would be catastrophic.

But the Mephisto brothers do know about Jordan’s secret identity. And for one of them, she could be the match that leads to their soul’s salvation.

Now it’s a desperate race against time to save Jordan and prevent Eryx’s haunting eyes from discovering her true identity.

A thrilling story of romance, danger, and intrigue, THE MEPHISTO KISS continues the marvelous mythology that began in THE MEPHISTO COVENANT.

My Review:

I fell in love with the first book in The Mephisto Covenant when i read it last spring, and when i found out Trinity Faegan was writing a sequel i was THRILLED!

So I will admit I was a little upset when I first read the synopsis of The Mephisto Kiss on Goodreads. I was upset because I fell in love with Jax and Sasha inthe first book and this book is actually about the oldest brother Kyros and his anabo Jordan. So I was sad to not be reading specifically about Jax and Sasha's relationship but the after the first couple chapters of this book I got over it becuase, Wow is this a insanley good book.

If you have read the Mephisto Covenant I highly suggest reading The Mephisto Kiss. It follows the same back story as the first book, A son of hell trying to find love with his Anabo. It is another great timeless romance that leaves you wanting more and more more.

One reason why I loved this book was because it was almost non stop action. Of course it has those few scenes that are a little "ok lets get to the good part already" like every book does, but besides those the action was pretty good. It kept me intrigued and I always like those kind of books. My one complaint about the pacing was the ending. I personally though the ending was awesome and very unexpected but it happened a little to fast for my taste. So much happened in the last 50 pages I felt a little rushed.

Trinity Faegan writes in such a fresh voice. I think she was born to be a young adult author. She writes a well crafter story that doesnt leave anything out but that is still not to descriptive and jam packed. Which is like the perfect combo. She does such a great job at creating a love story that every teen girl will swoon over.

The Mephisto Kiss has the same characters as the first book including The Mephisto brothers, Sasha, Eryx, with new additions of Kyros' anabo Jordan and her friends and family. The Mephisto Kiss had a very different feel to me then the Mephisto Kiss did. I think this was because the main characters in the second book are the oldest mephisto brother Kyros and his love interest Jordan who have very different personalities than Sasha and Jax. Kyros and Jordan are both very independent, strong willed people, who challenge eachother. I loved this dynamic of their relationship which made for a intesersting read.

The Mephisto Kiss is a wonderful timeless, charming, action packed romance novel that will please young adult romace and paranormal romance fans.

***** 5 Stars

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Trinity Faegen

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Trinity Faegen wasn’t always a writer. She had an illustrious career as a Campus Cop in college, led many children astray as a camp counselor, and decorated Christmas trees for sweet, and notsosweet, little old ladies. She loves metal and rock, the Rocky mountains, chocolate cake and college football. Mostly, though, she loves to write. Trinity lives in the outback of Texas with her husband and a mean cat.

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