Monday, November 5, 2012

Spreading The Love of YA

So I love YA books, well I think that is pretty obvious since I run a YA blog hahaha. 
YA books have helped me so much over the years whenever I am stressed, having a bad day, or just need a break or escape from reality I pick up a YA book and for the next 200 pages or so I can be someone else I can live another life. Books have gotten me through so much over the years and that is why I have come to love them so much. My all time favorite YA author is Sarah Dessen her books are so brilliantly written. Her books have impacted my life so much. My two favorite books of hers are This Lullaby and The Truth about Forever. 

I bet you all are wondering why I am blabbing on about YA books. Well here is why.....Drum Roll please........
The Author Beth Revis is giving away 50 Signed YA books! 
50 SIGNED YA books! Can you believe it!!!!!!!
So if I were you I would go check out her website to enter!
You can Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway here!

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