Thursday, November 8, 2012

Today is a good day, a VERY good day

 So today I was on Goodreads just poking around like I always do and guess what i found......Sarah Dessen is coming out with a new book! I don't think you guys know how big this is for me I am such a Dessen fan girl! But wait it gets better! About five minutes after I find out about Sarah's book and still in the middle of freaking out I find that Susane Colasanti is also coming out with a new book! Both of my favorite authors coming out with a new book! Like i said today was a very very very good day in the book world.
Here are both of the books which i recommend(HIGHLY recommend) you go check out NOW!
The Moon and MoreAll I Need

The Moon and More by, Sarah Dessen                     All I Need by, Susane Colasanti

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