Saturday, November 10, 2012

Stacking the Shelves! #12

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This week the wonderful Christine E. Schuzle sent me a copy of her new book!
 The Crystal Rings
Title: The Crystal Rings
Author: Christine E. Schulze
Synopsis (from goodreads): Three stories. Four princesses. Yet all are bound by the fate of two crystal rings.

From YA Fantasy and Christian Fantasy author comes a new collection set on the Isle of Spaniño where magic awaits around every corner.

In "Time Dancers," eighteen-year-old Calina's one wish as she turns "of age" is to marry a young, kind, handsome prince whom she can love and share all of her passions and interests with. When her father reveals her betrothed as a quiet, middle-aged man. She is further hurt and insulted when her husband-to-be bestows on her a magic mirror, inside which she watches herself dance with a handsome, young prince each night. However, through that mirror and the aid of a unique crystal ring, she will discover her true love, and what truly loving means.

In "Silver Prince," Catina dares to enter the Dark Wood against her brother's warnings. Instead of danger, she meets Hadyn, Alpha of the Wolfsbane people. Through him, she will discover love, but also the truth behind years of lies and twisted legends. Will she be strong enough to learn that truth? And if so, what will she do with it?

Finally, in "Sisters of the Rings," Calista and Shara are the only two Iceans in the entire Spaniño Isle--possibly in the entire world. When their kingdoms fall under siege, both princesses are forced to flee their Spaniño homes. They meet with each other only to discover that they are linked by the crystal rings given them by their adoptive parents in ways they never could have imagined....

Revel in the magic and romance found in the adventures of these four princesses, and discover how they are bound together by The Crystal Rings

Check out more about this book at Goodreads!


  1. I hope you enjoy it! Happy reading! ^.^ If you would like to check out my Stacking the Shelves you can do so here. :)

  2. Wow. I like fairy tales and this book or anthology sounds like something I would definitely like. Come visit me too.


  3. I haven't heard of this before but I hope you enjoy it. x]

    My Haul

  4. I hope you enjoy thiS ! Happy reading.
    New follower!
    Kristen @OCA

  5. Oo, looks like a fun book, hope you enjoy!

    I'm a new GFC follower :D Here is my book haul